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    Big Bluestem
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    Prairie Blazing
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Writers & Readers Common Grounds

Gossip, Historian or both..

Who was this woman? A female who seemingly excelled at mischevious gossip and entangled relations with the opposite sex (Edgar Allan Poe and Rufus Grisowold), Elizabeth Fries Ellet anecdotally named the city of Eden Prairie on her visit here in 1852. Unlike most of her fellow writers at the New York literary soirees of the 19th century, Ellet was a prolific writer and broke with tradition by writing for dime novels, lady's magazines and newspapers (penny press) in what many writers of the time referred to as yellow journalism. 



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Wilderness in the City Ramblings...

Prairie Poetry Prize & Sampler 2017

To Walt Whitman America was a place where grass was "hopeful green stuff."Prairies left a lasting impression on writers who visited the Great Plains in the 19th century, often describing them in terms of vast waves of wind swept blades surrounded by boundless sky. On his first trip west Whitman wrote in Specimen Days, #179 Prairies, “…stretching out on its own unbounded scale, unconfined, which there is in these prairies, combining the real and ideal, and beautiful as dreams.” Three of Whitman's poems on prairie grass: “The Prairie-Grass Dividing,” “The Prairie States,” and “A Prairie Sunset.”



Winning Writers...

Alice D'Alessio Paul Gruchow 2017

Alice D'Alessio of Middleton, Wisconsin won the 2017 Paul Gruchow Essay Contest with her essay “Tending the Valley.”

Alice is a poet with four published books, including A Blessing of Trees, which won the Posner Prize from the Council for Wisconsin Writers as best book of the year.

She was a contributor to the former Woodlands & Prairies Magazine. Alice has a strong interest in the natural world and writes fiction and non-fiction as well as poetry.

Images of the Valley are on Writers Rising Up's slide-show: Turk's Cap Lilies, Big Bluestem, Grand Marshall Oak, After a Burn, and Prairie Blazing.



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Elizabeth Fries Ellet Interpretive Trail


The City of Eden Prairie, Minnesota owes its name to Elizabeth Fries Ellet, the East Coast writer who visited the area in 1852. In her travelogue book, Summer Rambles in the West, Ellet described the Minnesota River Valley which adjoins the current day City of Eden Prairie as the garden spot of the territory.


The celebrated valley of the Minnesota River--called St. Pierre by the French, and until recently, St. Peter's—extends in a general direction from west to east, and, with the country along its tributaries, forms the garden spot of the territory.



Digging to the Roots Poetry


Digging to the Roots Color Poetry 

The 2017 Digging to the Roots Color Poetry submission guidelines and images can be found at our Events and Contests Link. Write a poem or poems with the colors of the images as the central theme. There are 10 images to choose from. Follow this link to an article from the Poetry Foundation that provides insight into the use of images, metaphor and color to describe the writer's experience.