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Writers & Readers Common Grounds

Paul Gruchow

Paul Gruchow Essay Contest 2015- Submission deadline April 18, 2015. Guidelines at the Events/Contests link. Submit at the Submittable link.

In his book "Grass Roots: The Necessity of Home," the acknowledgements are a tribute to Bill Holm, Emilie Buchwald, Carol Bly, the Land Institute and the Land Stewardship Association and others  for their help and support. The  first chapter, called "Home is a Place in Time," gives "shape and substance" to the abstract: what is time? Paul writes, "Nostalgia is the clinical term for homesickness, for the desire to be rooted in a place --to know clearly, that is, what time is. This desire need not imply the impulse to turn back the clock, which of course we cannot do. It recognizes, rather, the truth--if home is a place in time--that we cannot know where we are now unless we can remember where we have come from."



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Prairie Poetry Prize: Prairie Sampler

To Walt Whitman America was a place where grass was "hopeful green stuff."Prairies left a lasting impression on writers who visited the Great Plains in the 19th century, often describing them in terms of vast waves of wind swept blades surrounded by boundless sky. On his first trip west Whitman wrote in Specimen Days, #179 Prairies, “…stretching out on its own unbounded scale, unconfined, which there is in these prairies, combining the real and ideal, and beautiful as dreams.” Three of Whitman's poems on prairie grass: “The Prairie-Grass Dividing,” “The Prairie States,” and “A Prairie Sunset.”



Winning Writers...

Katharyn Howd Machin 2014 Bill Holm Co-Winner

Katharyn Howd Machan, Professor of Writing at Ithaca College, holds degrees from the College of Saint Rose, the University of Iowa, and Northwestern University. Her poems have appeared in numerous magazines; in anthologies and textbooks such as The Bedford Introduction to Literature, The Best American Nonrequired Reading 2013, Poetry: An Introduction, Early Ripening: American Women’s Poetry Now, Sound and Sense, Writing Poems, Literature: Reading and Writing the Human Experience; and in 32 collections, most recently Wild Grapes: Poems of Fox (Finishing Line Press, 2014), H (Gribble Press, 2014—national winner) and When She’s Asked to Think of Colors (Palettes & Quills Press, 2009—national winner). Former director of the national Feminist Women’s Writing Workshops, Inc., in 2012 she edited Adrienne Rich: A Tribute Anthology (Split Oak Press).



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Writers Rising Up is a 501(c) (3) public charity. Contributions are tax deductible. We encourage a deeper understanding and participation in environmental stewardship. Through the literary arts at community events, contests, workshops, literary performances, interpretive installations and publications, our focus is on nature education and writing. Through our submission opportunities we promote writers who associate their work to cultural, spiritual and social connections to place, the land, natural habitat, including flora, fauna and wetlands.


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Elizabeth Fries Ellet Interpretive Trail


The City of Eden Prairie, Minnesota owes its name to Elizabeth Fries Ellet, the East Coast writer who visited the area in 1852. In her travelogue book, Summer Rambles in the West, Ellet described the Minnesota River Valley which adjoins the current day City of Eden Prairie as the garden spot of the territory.


The celebrated valley of the Minnesota River--called St. Pierre by the French, and until recently, St. Peter's—extends in a general direction from west to east, and, with the country along its tributaries, forms the garden spot of the territory.



Digging to the Roots Poetry Anthology Calendar


Digging to the Roots Poetry Anthology Calendar, 2015 Edition

The 2015 Digging to the Roots Calendar is downloadable at the CLICK HERE link below and shareable at ISSUU. The poets participating are featured on our Facebook Page and WRUP Blog. The 2015, 2014, and 2013 calendars are downloadable at the Writers Rising Up link below:

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